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Susanne is amazing, compassionate and very knowledgeable. When I couldn't speak without crying I knew I needed a release of my emotions. As soon as I made my appointment I instantly started to feel better and upon arriving she felt things weren't right and made me feel at ease. During our time together Susanne explained everything as she went along, which gave a sense of empowerment. I would definitely recommend working with Susanne. 

- Denise

Susanne is an incredibly powerful and compassionate coach and healer! I came to her with years of PTSD locked within my cells and within one session felt like a brand new person! I finally felt like I had more space in my body and I could breathe again. Her unique healing style is the perfect combination of energy healing, witnessing, guiding and intuitive insight to get to the core of my issues. Her compassionate approach made me feel very safe.



I’ve seen other reiki therapists in the past but sessions with Susanne are like no other! Her warm, kind presence is always inviting and she has the most healing touch I’ve ever felt. 

She has helped me work through difficult emotions, blockages, and injuries. She’s very insightful and her senses are always spot on. She spends the time during and after sessions to give recommendations on how to address certain things. 

I always leave our sessions feeling calm, lighter, and balanced. Her radiant energy and dedication to her practice is very clear, she really is incredible! 

Susanne is a professional, knowledgeable, spiritual being of light. I would highly recommend her if your looking to manifest changes or just seeking a little self care. 

- Sherrie

I have been struggling to understand some of my health issues for years, and although I’ve begun to heal myself I knew that I could never truly heal until I discovered the root cause of why the issues started to begin with. Working with Susanne helped to give me that clarity. Not only did she know exactly why I wanted to book with her, but she also helped me to see why the root cause of my primary issues was also bleeding over into injuries and other ailments. I feel like I can now start working towards truly healing myself from within. Intuitive Healing takes trust and an open mind, but if you are ready to open yourself up to this world, I highly recommend working with Susanne. Not only is she kind and caring, but she is also bang on in her feelings and recommendations.

- Debbie

If you are thinking about whether you should book a session with Susanne, just do it!!! She’s the type of person that immediately makes you feel comfortable and is very accurate with the things she knows about you. It absolutely amazed me during my first session when she brought me crystals that were for the EXACT issues I have been dealing with without her having any previous knowledge about me or my situation. Definitely give her a try.

- Shelly

I went to Susanne in and she was incredible! She completely healed a wrist problem that was irking me and that I had told no one about. Instantly I felt heat in the irritated area. She also healed my shoulder that was an on-going issue for me. I was on the mend with it before I went to her but every once in awhile I would get pinching. I realized shortly after that I have no more pinching and I’m stronger than ever! She brings a calmness to your soul that is hard to explain. She is the most genuine and sweetest women I know. She truly has a gift! Your life will only be enhanced by going to her for energy healing.